St Margaret Mary's Randwick North - students playing with robotYear 3 enjoyed an introduction to Robotics and Blue-Bots. It began with a discussion, defining a robot and identifying some robots the class may be aware of. Year 3 were able to brainstorm a list of things they would like a robot to do for them: ‘complete my homework’, ‘play with me’ and ‘shop for me’ were some of the many responses.

They had the opportunity to explore the features and capabilities of a Blue Bot and explore the commands that a Blue-Bot can be given. The students used command cards to program their partner to follow a set of instructions and then used the command cards to plan how to move a Blue-Bot forwards and backwards. Year 3 also looked at writing a set of instructions for the Blue Bots.

The group skills that we focused on for the day were listening, responsibility and sharing and Year 3 used these skills in the final task of the day as they devised a way to execute a ‘Mexican Wave’ and with a fair degree of success we watched a ‘Mexican Wave’ travel around a class circle.